4th April


Himalayan fitness holiday


Wellness Holiday

It’s the Himalaya in the rains. When the mist hangs on the Beas river, clouds float in the folds of mountains, the apple and peach orchards bloom and the pahari food intoxicates with its aroma. We workout, learn about the theory behind strength training, running and yoga and demystify the pre and post exercise nutrition. All this while staying at the beautiful Span resort by the Beas.

  • When 04-08th April, 2018
  • Where Rishikesh

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Don't Lose Out, Work Out

Rujuta tells Sharjah..dont Lose Out, Workout.

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Yoga recharges your spine

Day To Celebrate Nature

Yoga is a multi-million dollar industry, and just like love, it can be monetised by having a day around it -Yoga day is here! It’s good because India is finally laying a claim to its heritage without being embarrassed about it. And it’s sad because it finally means accepting the fact that yoga is a multi-million dollar industry, and just like... Read more

It’s not running that leads to injuries, it's only running.Another marathon, another flood of injuries, another round of warnings from medical professionals about running being bad for the knees and another year of training in the exact same way. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore—it’s the same story. There is no denying that running is a fav­oured... Read more

The biggest benefit of yoga is that it makes you strong, steady and sensitive.

The Magic Number: 150

Exercise for 150 minutes a week. That’s all it takes to keep every lifestyle disease, including obesity, at bay -It’s that time of the year when we resolve to get fitter than last year. There’s no particular reason we do this except that the year changes. There’s no specific plan that we appr­oach it with either. A passionate resolve is the only... Read more

Irrespective of the activity, where your body burns fat from is the body’s own choice - I am doing aerobics, so my lower body is fine; now I don’t know what to do for my upper body’. Another one who is still under the belief that it really is possible to lose ‘fat’ or at least ‘inches’ from a specific area by doing ‘spe­cific’ exercises for that... Read more